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Challenges Faced By Abbasid

Difficulties Faced By Abbasid The Abbasid Caliphate governed over the Islamic world, making it one of the persuasive and longest Islamic traditions. During the standard of Umayyad, the Abbasids arrived in a defiance with the assistance of alliance of different powers which were discontent with the standard of Umayyad. When the Abbasids were in power they proceeded with numerous approaches that were worked by Umayyad. One thing that made special the Abbasids than the Umayyads was that the Abbasids grasp Persian culture and moved the funding to the new city to the Baghdad while the Abbasid had developed and confronted ascend just as fall in the caliphate that are connected to decent variety as far as ethnicities and culture as their receptiveness to Non Muslims moreover. This period is considered as the best and brilliant age for the Islamic culture. Difficulties Faced: In setting of fall or difficulties looked by Abbasid, creator Nigel D. Furlong expresses that With Kharijite strains in the administration, the ascent of the Saffarids, Shiite foes, and the developing Qarmatiyyuns, the Abbasid state couldn't commit the assets important to manage the Zanj revolt until ten years after the Zanj started their military and monetary crusade (Rise and Fall, 2008). Affected by Abbasids, Baghdad was created and turned into the most refined and the main city on the planet. The writing, craftsmanship and science were created under the sponsorship of Caliph Harun al-Rashid and his child, Al-Mamun that made the House of Wisdom. The House of Wisdom was responsible for the interpretation of information in Arabic from all around the globe. With the usage of such arrangements, the Abbasids administered an Islamic brilliant age where the learning of numerous developments was extended and protected upon. Various useful advancements occurred in various fields, for example, craftsmanship, culture, and specialized however significant improvement was seen in the field of horticulture. Numerous new strategies and techniques were actualized so as to lessen the work needs. Simultaneously, import and fare exchange process was upgraded and such Islamic advancement proceeded even as the legislature of Abbasid fell into the disarray. Steadily, under the governorship of Emirs and of military that controlled the caliphs, Abbasid power got debilitated and started to confront a few difficulties (The Abbasid Dynasty: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization). During the time of early ninth century, when of Caliph Al-Radi, the Abbasid Caliphate was succeeded and flourished in spite of having multiethnic and gigantic domain on account of a few competent counsels and caliphs. Thus, the significant test the Abbasid confronted was the multiethnic and huge realm. Simultaneously, Abbasid confronted difficulties of rebellions from the North Africa and Persia and Harun Al-Rashid was expelled from power by the Persian Barmakid family which should be wellspring of numerous incredible counselors. After this occasion his child Al-Mamun proceeded with the caliphate (The Abbasid Dynasty: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization). Al-Mamun tried and received mihna and Mutazili innovation in their caliphate which was affected by the Greek way of thinking. It was mandatory to follow the hypothesis or probably they could be detained or executed. It prompts the divisions between the Islamic individuals and Islamic sovereign that was intensify by his formation of his military as it were. The Persian senator managed as a lord and set up his own administration anyway he kept on recognizing the Abbasid. This continuation of pattern of impendent governors just as the expense of running monstrous realm and keeping up a huge organization became significant difficulties for the Abbasid caliphate (The Abbasid Dynasty: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization). To defeat with every single such test, the caliphs allowed charge homesteads to military officers and governors and Al-Mutasim extended its own military called Ghilman. These slaves attempted to administer over the individuals of Baghdad that brought about the mobs and outrage of the residents. Rather than attempting to tackle the circumstance, the caliphate moved capital from Baghdad to Samarra. This progression was not precise and the capital moved back to Baghdad by Caliph Al-Muwaffaq who guided the caliphate to new flourishing and consequently, Abbasid power increased a renewed purpose for getting up in the morning (The Abbasid Dynasty: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization). Effect Of Their Rise To Power: The ascent of Abbasid was exceptionally effective not exclusively to Muslims yet additionally to neighboring Non-Muslim states. The major significant factor in their caliphate was its receptiveness to the individuals; beforehand which was dependent upon the dismissal by the Umayyad Caliphate. The ascent of the Abbasid Caliphate extraordinarily enhanced each field, for example, horticulture, exchange, normal science, writing, space science, science just as arithmetic (Rise and Fall, 2008). In setting of the social qualities Amira K. Bennison states in his book The Golden Age of the Abbasid Empire that the leaders of Abbasids supported the edified qualities in their caliphate which western human advancements so frequently guarantee to speak to and taught (Bennison, 2009). During that period, Abbasids were attempting to propel all areas of the economy for the most part because of the endeavors of Muslim Persians working in those separate fields. In the start of their standard various parts of Quran were likewise prospered due to the new thought proposed by the Muslims just as Non Muslims of the state. The transparency procedure of their locale lead to the development in innovation with the execution of new techniques and thoughts so they defeat with their Arabian and Non Arabian partners and it reshaped ventures into progressively compelling and riches delivering enterprises (Rise and Fall, 2008). Under the standard of Harun al-Rashid, Baghdad turned into the most significant community for theory, science, instruction, medication and the writing. It share contacts and fringes with numerous removed realms to gather, relocate, grow and decipher information on different developments like Indians, Persians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. The Indian numerals which have gotten standard in the western world and in the Islamic were helped in the logical revelations and science. Different Scholars, for example, Al-Biruni and Abu Nasar Mansur made commitment in the improvement of the stargazing and geometry while Al-Kindi blended Greek way of thinking and reformed arithmetic with Islamic idea. Numerous significant advancements were occurred in the area which was significant purpose behind the development and improvement and consequently, today this period is known as the Islamic Golden Age. This affected advancement and improvement in the Muslim just as in the Non Muslim states. The proced ure of imports and fares were improved with new thoughts, rules, laws and approaches. Written works were created with the commitment of numerous researchers and authors in all subjects, for example, arithmetic, stargazing, financial matters or science. So also, improved strategy for horticulture, propelled cultivating and crop procedures was executed that decreased the requirement for work and expanded the efficiency that at last upgraded financial circumstance of the locale and furthermore of the neighboring district (The Abbasid Dynasty: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization).

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The Mexican Peso Crisis of December 1994 Free Essays

There are three distinct kinds of outside trade systems that can be utilized by creating nations once their money has settled. The first is known as the oversaw glide. Additionally called the filthy buoy, the oversaw drift is a framework when trade rates can change because of the idea of the market, however leaves the choice for the legislature to intercede if the variance isn't wanted. We will compose a custom article test on The Mexican Peso Crisis of December 1994 or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now The system has been utilized by the financial framework since 1973. The subsequent system is known as the creeping band. The creeping band, for this situation, would consolidate Mexico’s slithering peg with a more extensive band. The slithering band is a trade off between an arrangement of totally fluctuating trade rates and those that are unbendable. The equality levels would be balanced either up or down as a moving normal of the genuine trade rates that would change on a more extensive band. The conversion scale would be just permitted to move a most extreme rate. The measure of the rate is known as the yearly creeping peg. The more extensive band that would cover the slithering peg would take into account the real conversion scale to vacillate. The third system is known as the coasting conversion scale framework. Additionally called the adaptable conversion scale framework, the swapping scale vacillates dependent on showcase powers in this system. A drifting framework permits nations to have free money related and monetary strategies. Additionally, national banks would not need to clutch an enormous universal save to back a fixed swapping scale framework. Capital flight was one of the primary explanations behind Mexico’s money related breakdown of the peso. Capital flight is when resources and cash stream out of a nation because of a monetary occasion that doesn’t guarantee financial specialists things are alright. Capital flight varies from capital stream since capital flight happens when financial specialists feel that costs are going to fall and it turns into a race to get your cash out before the costs fall. The death of presidential competitor Luis Colosio certainly played a factor in the capital trip out of Mexico. In 1994, the United States, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and a couple of others made a salvage bundle for Mexico. The United States set up $20 billion of the $50 billion for Mexico. The IMF ensured an acknowledge understanding for Mexico for about $17. 7 billion. The Bank of International Settlements offered $10 to Mexico and The Bank of Canada offered about $1 billion. It was not simply Mexico blunder that caused this emergency. The death of the presidential competitor was something that couldn't have been maintained a strategic distance from and it caused to emergency to intensify considerably more. It appears as though that occasion was the â€Å"last straw on the camel’s back†, so to state. So as to keep this emergency from occurring later on, Mexico should give nearer consideration to its present record balance. Since this has happened once, Mexico should realize what to search for so as to stop it before it deteriorates. In general, the guide bundle was dangerous on the United States to do. Nobody was sure that Mexico would have the option to take care of the cash. The United States could just do nothing however. We have close ties with Mexico through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). We weren’t simply going to allow Mexico to come up short. Much the same as the IMF helped Mexico in 1994, they are as of now loaning to nations in need today. Nations with developing markets, for example, Belarus, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine are getting capital from the IMF. Quite often, low-pay nations are additionally getting cash from the IMF. Instructions to refer to The Mexican Peso Crisis of December 1994, Essay models

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Types of Essays That Middle School Students Can Write

Types of Essays That Middle School Students Can WriteWhen you are looking for middle school essays samples for the year, there are many things to consider. The main reason for this is that writing good essays is a skill that people pick up as they become older. In fact, there are a number of resources online to help you do it.One of the first things to consider when looking for middle school essay samples is what you need to learn. Different types of essays require different skills. Are you interested in literature, philosophy, history, or history of art? Here are some of the types of essays that you can choose from, all of which require good writing skills:One of the first forms of essays that you will need to learn is about literature, and middle school essay samples for literature are available online. These essays take a lot of information and use that information to form a well-rounded, coherent essay. The best way to learn this skill is by reading books about it. There are many eBooks available that do just that. You can also purchase other books that are filled with articles on the same topic.Another one of the types of middle school essay samples for literature is history. History of art is also a common topic. Middle school students tend to love it because it lets them learn about the human condition and the world that we live in. It also allows them to understand the history of art and culture, as well as architecture and technological developments.The third of the types of middle school essay samples for literature is a look at history. You should also learn how to conduct a study on a specific period of time or examine the conditions that existed during that time. Some of the more popular essays that you can study include the autobiography of a person, the life of a religious figure, and the beginning of a civilization. You should also make sure that your essay includes relevant facts about the people that you write about.The last type of essay samp les for literature that you should learn is the history of art. A lot of schools teach history as a subject, so you might be surprised to find out that you actually have some talent in the area. This is especially true if you enjoy history. If you are interested in writing a middle school essay sample for history of art, you should keep in mind that it is very important to keep track of what the essay discusses so that you don't get too far ahead of the times.Many people go to school thinking that they are going to write essays. They don't know that writing essays is much more than writing a note that explains why someone acted the way they did. Instead, the student has to learn to create interesting, well-written essays. This requires a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

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The Important of Music - 1523 Words

96. PEOPLE LISTEN TO MUSIC FOR DIFFERENT REASONS AND AT DIFFERENT TIMES. WHY IS MUSIC IMPORTANT TO MANY PEOPLE? USE SPECIFIC REASONS AND EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR CHOICE. Nowadays, There are many things that people can choose to make they relax. Some people like to go to the movie theatres whereas others prefer going for a walk with friends or family members. Some people desire to go sightseeing in the country in their free time while others go shopping in their free time. Others can go fishing, cycling, camping, watching television or movies, reading, or even drawing. However, one of the most common practical ways that can make people relax is listening to music. Music is in every part of the world. It is a critical element in people’s†¦show more content†¦Another reason is music can be benefit for people’s brain development. Music uses both sides of the brain, thus resulting in the overall development of the brain. In fact, several researches proved that the a ll four of the cortexs lobes are activated when the brain is involved in musical activity. In fact, during these musical tasks, even the cerebellum of the brain is activated. A musician has to constantly make decisions about the elements of music, like form, timbre, melody, etc and also tempo, tone, rhythm etc. This helps in enhancing the ability of the brain to become very good at multitasking and organizational abilities. It improves abilities of expression and enhances intelligence of a person. One more reason is that listening to music will also enhance peoples creativity. Studies have proven that music can be a good way of helping your imagination goes to new heights. Listening to music as well as drawing or writing can improve their creativity. Furthermore, music can reflect the culture and history of a country. It has been an important part of many traditional occasions such as wedding, birthday, funeral, and others religion or traditional ceremony. The kind of music a person listening to can also tell where that person from and what kind of culture he is in. Above all, music is also important atShow MoreRelatedImportant Aspects Of Music Education1316 Words   |  6 Pages2009). What is important about music education? There are many important aspects in music education like pedagogy and performance. For me, music education is about letting the students express themselves. Having the ability to give an idea or to vent is a vital tool in today’s society. This concept influences music because expression is not only in how to connect a phrase, but also how to tell a story. With my time in college, Dr. Joseph Frye will always tell me to tell a story with music. He will alsoRead MoreMusic Is Important For All Of Us Essay1495 Words   |  6 PagesMusic plays an important role in our daily lives of much more people than in the past. There are so many aspects why music is important for all of us. For example, it could [bring people together in terms o f choir. As Nicholas Cook encourages, â€Å"In today’s world, deciding what music to listen to is a significant part of deciding and announcing to people not just who you ‘want to be’†¦ but who you are. ‘Music’ is a very small word to encompass something that takes as many forms as there are culturalRead MoreMusic Is An Important Source Of Employment1300 Words   |  6 Pagesages listen to different kinds of music, with musical taste varying from person to person. It is no surprise how music has the ability to evolve as time goes on, making it versatile and adaptive to the changing times . With that change, the value of music has increased tremendously, playing a bigger role in the lives of individuals. Today, people use music to cope with the issues of everyday life, providing an escape from reality. Furthermore, music is an important source of employment, as people’sRead MoreMusic Is An Important Part Of Life1008 Words   |  5 Page s Music will always be an important part of life. Music can help soothe people, think better, get people dancing and other things. Music will continue to get better and to change over time. I’m glad we’ve been given the chance to go out and listen to live music outside of our normal range. For my concert report, I went to see a band called Unity The Band. They were pretty good. The genre they played was reggae. My experience started with my reactions, the style of it, and the things I liked most aboutRead MoreMusic Plays an Important Role in Study614 Words   |  3 PagesHow to Select Music for Studying : 10 Tips It is said that to study it’s necessary to have a quiet environment without distractions. However, for some, studying in a quiet environment can backfire. This ‘quiet environment’ can make you end up fighting boredom and succumbing to the allure of sleeping at your desk! This is why the importance of  choosing the right music for studying can’t be underestimated. Although some studies say that listening to music while you study isn’t good, for many peopleRead MoreMusic Is A Important Part Of Our Life981 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Without music, life would be a mistake.† Music is a very important part of our live, and those who make music are very special in this world. Music not being involved in my life would result in harmonies and melodies leaving me totally empty. When I was younger , I didn’t have the great love for music as I do now entering the second year of college. I mainly listened to whatever was playing either in the background or what my mom was listening to. I can personally say that I didn’t have much ofRead MoreMusic Is An Important Part Of The Entertainment Industry1823 Words   |  8 PagesMusic is an important part of the entertainment industry, however, that is not its only use. Music has always been influential in society. Many times it has helped to start social and political revolutions, or musicians have written music about aspects of politics that they do not agree with. An example of the latter is the style punk rock, which bases its lyrics on complaints against those who control society, as the Sex Pistols did when they provoked riots against the Queen of England. One ofRead MoreSample Bibliography : 20 Important Benefits Of Music1035 Words   |  5 PagesBibliography â€Å"20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools.† National Association for Music Education, 21 July 2014, This source is an online article from a credible source: The National Association for Music Education (NAFME). The actual author is unknown. This source presents twenty significant advantages of music in schools. The advantages presented are actual facts due to studies performed. This article is important to my paper becauseRead MoreEssay Music Education: A Much Needed and Important Discipline870 Words   |  4 PagesMusic Education: A Much Needed and Important Discipline A nation that allows music to be expendable is in danger of becoming expendable itself, said Richard Dreyfuss during the Grammy Awards broadcast on the 28th of February (National Coalition for music Education 14). This is a very interesting statement because it involves something that is related to everyone -- school curriculum. When school budgets have to be cut, the music classes are usually the first ones to be removed. IronicallyRead MoreMusic And Theater Education Is Important, If Not More Than Other Subjects1749 Words   |  7 Pagesworld and enhance our lives so people can truly learn who they are (Stand for the Arts). It gives us the chance to create our future, share our past and define our dreams (Stand for the Arts 1).The arts are just as important, if not more, than other subjects like math and english. Music and theater education correspond with greater scores in math and reading (â€Å"11 Facts About Arts in Education†). Art can help people psychologically wheth er they have a mental disorder like dementia, or not (Friedman

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Unnatural Relationships Prompted by Power - 671 Words

A struggle for supremacy between parent and offspring is a reoccurring theme throughout William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear. The play unfolds as King Lear is deciding how to divide his realm amongst his three daughters. Lear’s two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, flatter their father with elaborate speeches of love hoping to inherit the largest piece of land. Unknown to Lear, his daughter’s so-called â€Å"unconditional† love for him is nothing more than an attempt to possess dominance over the kingdom. Consequently, an unnatural relationship between father and daughters is created due to the pursuit of power. The first sign that Lear’s daughters desire control is observable in Regan’s dialogue in act one scene one. After Goneril appeals her love for Lear Regan replies, â€Å"I am made of that self mettle as my sister / And prize me at her worth. In my true heart / I find she names my very deed of love; / Only she comes too shortâ₠¬  (lines 76-79 page 11). Here Regan claims that her and Goneril are the same, yet Goneril’s love is not as worthy as Regan’s. Both daughters are competing against each other in order to obtain the most amount of land. As a result, an abnormal relationship is formed because the daughter’s drive to love their father should not be based on material possessions. Goneril’s and Regan’s motivation is the control they will receive in deceiving their father with false love. Additionally, the concept of unnaturalness between daughters and father due to beingShow MoreRelatedDubai Refreshments Company, The Sole Franchisee And Distributor For Pepsi Co1437 Words   |  6 Pagesto its competitors Weaknesses Competition with other local groups like Al Ahlia Gulf Line and Aujan Industries High calorie and sugar carbonated drinks leading to health issues and obesity within the country Large quantities of preservatives and unnatural flavoring used Company External Environment: The external environment of a company is a set of factors outside the organization that regardless of being external, influence its functioning. The PESTLE analysis provides detail insight on these environmentalRead MoreAristotle s View Of Politics Essay1454 Words   |  6 Pagescommunity and work together for the sole purpose of achieving the best possible outcomes, and insist that those who do not associate themselves with such ideals are not actually human beings at all. He insists that solidarity and isolationism is unnatural and that it is not a way to meet man s natural end. What is more, he evokes that as opposed to other animals man has the characteristic of reason and this is evident through our ability of to speak when communicating with each other. Thus, throughRead MoreEssay on Role of Nature in Mary Shelley’s Mathilda1668 Words   |  7 Pagesunruly consequences. Their relationship is a crime against the laws of Nature and causes Mathilda to become ostracized f rom the very world that she loved as a child. Shelley’s implementation of naturalistic imagery accentuates the unlawful and subsequent ramifications of the relationship between Mathilda and her father and contrasts the ideals and boundaries of the natural and spiritual worlds. Naturalistic imagery encompasses Mathilda’s childhood as she is prompted to take solace in Nature dueRead MoreYour Beliefs, Alignments, And Interest1662 Words   |  7 Pagesand myself we were able to have a 5-minute conversation to use as my data. Due to the unfamiliarity with Vic the Security Guard, the conversation permitted overgeneralization of each person’s identity causing a power struggle to accommodate to their perceptions. The stronger the relationship between interlocutors allows for a deeper understanding that each is a complex individual. Likewise, upon first interaction, people tend to haphazardly stereotype trying to categorize a person as quick as possibleRead MoreHamlet Character Analysis1502 Words   |  7 PagesWritten by William Shakespeare, Hamlet has a strong relationship with the authors society and era, being the late 1500’s to early 1600’s. Hamlet, a character is confliction with his society, shows different views and actions to his fellow Danish men. Shakespeare could create a character whom through Hamlet’s life choices, his own historical and cultural context and the state of Hamlet being in confliction with the Elizabethan-era and Nihilism showed immense differences from his society, which ShakespeareRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects On The Earth2810 Words   |  12 Pagesmeans it will cool the atmosphere framework. A hot earth surface may prompt changes in precipitation designs, an ascent in ocean level, and an extensive variety of effects on widely varied vegetation and people. The quick rate of urbanization has prompted expanded fossil fuel burnings and at last prompting expanded Co2 discharge. The activity of carbon dioxide and other nursery gasses in catching infrared radiation is known as the nursery impact (Weart). Climate change framework is complex as itRead More The Duchess of Malfi Essay2618 Words   |  11 Pagescan never have an equal relationship with the Duchess has prompted some readers to feel that his importance as a character in the play is limited, while others suggest that his main role is as a mouthpiece for Websters own judgements and opinions. To assess the importance of his role we need to consider it relation to the Duchess, and in the context of the play as a whole. Inequalities of power associated with gender and social status are highlighted in the relationship between The Duchess andRead MoreHow Free Is Free Speech?1835 Words   |  8 Pagesmother is Perictione and her family boasts of a relationship with the famous Athenian lawmaker and lyric poet Solon. When Ariston died, Athenian law forbade the legal independence of women, and, therefore, Perictione was given to marriage to Pyrilampes, her mother’s brother who is a prominent pro-democracy leader, a friend of Pericles, and the Athenian ambassador to Persia. I was born in 428 B.C., shortly after the Great Plague, when Athenian power was at its height. However, when Athenian leadersRead MoreLove in Mythology Essay1776 Words   |  8 Pagescompletely in love with her. Cupid dumbfounded by the love, he suddenly feels Psyche carry him off. Although Psyche is never able to gaze on Cupid, she is confident of the love her unseen paramour expresses in the dark each night. Eventually, prompted by her unbelieving and somewhat envious sisters, she lights a lamp and discovers that her lover is Cupid. Unfortunately, Cupid hurt by both the oil sputtering from the lamp and her faithlessness fees. Psyche deeply grieved by her lack of faithRead MoreGender : Objectification Of Women, Emotional Literacy And Gender Roles1776 Words   |  8 Pagesused and thrown away, with their primary value based on the sexual gratification of men (Wright Tokunaga, 2016). Women in American society are expected to conform to the standards of beauty outlined in advertising, even though those images are unnatural and enhanced through Photoshop. Social media shows videos of how the photo of a real model, with all her natural beauty and flaws, is manipulated; the flaws erased, eyes unrealistically enlarged, thighs reduced and cellulite smoothed away. The direct

Richard Wagner Essay Example For Students

Richard Wagner Essay Richard Wagner was born May 22, 1813 into the family of a municipal court clerk, he spent his childhood in Dresden. He regarded himself as the most German of men, the German spirit and is not only known because of his 13 operas and numerous other compositions but also because of his influence on our understanding of German culture and history. As a youth Wagner was fascinated by literature, particularly the plays of William Shakespeare. Through his teens he was more and more attracted to composing. His first opera, based on the novel Rienzi, Last of the Tribunes, was produced in Dresden in 1842, and was a success. His next production, The Flying Dutchman (1843), was also a hit. From 1839 to 1842 he tried in vain to gain a place in the Parisian music community. After the performances of his operas Rienzi and The Flying Dutchman , he was appointed as the Royal Saxon music director of the court orchestra for life in 1843. After the completion of Lohengrin in May 1848, Wagner became very involved in the revolution. He thought that the revolution would bring a through-going democratization and renewal of society, a unified nation-state, and basic reforms in the sphere of culture and the arts that should put in practice his theoretical ideas on art, especially his conception on the complete work of art. Near the end of the 1840s Wagner began work on his monumental cycle of four musical dramas collectively titled Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelungs). This cycle, made up of Das Rheingold, Die Walkure, Siegfried and Die Gotterdammerung, took 22 years to complete, and stands as one of the most remarkable and influential achievements in Western music. The foundation of Wagners philosophy of musical drama is the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, or universal artwork. He said that music in a dramatic setting was best used to reinforce dramatic content and expression. His characters addressed the philosophical issues that Wagner considered vital to society: the tension between good and evil, between the physical and spiritual, and between selfishness and redemptive love. Wagner is known as the master of German opera, and one of the most progressive composers in history. He has been named an anarchist and socialist, and simultaneously, a fascist, nationalist, and anti-semite. His name has been connected to almost all the major trends in German history of the 19th and 20th centuries. More books have been written about the German composer Richard Wagner and his works than any historical figure other than Christ. Wagners epic music drama, Der Ring des Nibelungen, is thought by many to be the greatest single artistic achievement in the history of Western culture, some say it does more than holding its own against Shakespeares Hamlet and Beethovens Ninth Symphony.

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Patient privacy, Confidentiality (HIPAA)

Violating laws meant to ensure that patients’ information is not disclosed to the wider public is a very serious matter. This is because patients’ health information is very delicate and should be handled with utmost discretion. Ethical values have been formulated to ensure that the patients’ interests are given consideration to avoid harming these patients in one way or another.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Patient privacy, Confidentiality (HIPAA) specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More When patient’s information is disclosed to an unauthorized third party, then the law comes in and legal action is taken against an offender. This paper discusses a recent administrative ethical issue with the aim of applying governing law to the issue. The article titled â€Å"Healthcare Provider to Pay $1.5M HIPAA Fine† (2012) gives a scenario of a potential violation of the Health Insurance Portab ility and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) rule of security. This potential violation was noted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Associates Inc. (MEEI) reported a break in and loss of â€Å"an unencrypted laptop with electronic protected health information (ePHI) of MEEI patients and research subjects†. In other words, MEEI failed to comply with the privacy standards hence, put ePHI at stake (Healthcare Provider to Pay $1.5M HIPAA Fine, 2012). This kind of incidence may gravely impact on MEEI because the patients and research subjects may sue the institution if the information gets to them. This is because, according to the HIPAA security rule, MEEI breached the already laid down ethical and legal issues related to protection of health related information that could be used to harm the involved individuals. The population affected most by this violation of the law is the patient s and the research subjects, whose unencrypted information was contained in the stolen laptop. The intention of the thieves is not known and may have intended to harm one of the clients. In addition, clients would develop a negative attitude towards MEEI and it would run out of patients and research subjects. Information on these individuals is very important in public health practice and research because it is meant to help in identification, monitoring and response to particular morbidities, mortalities and disabilities in given populations (Thacker, 2003). The impact of this incidence on the patients and research subjects would mean that they would not be willing to participate in future researches by the institution due to fear of a recurrence of the same.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The solution of paying a fine of $1.5M came about after the office for Civil Rights (OC R) under the department of health and human services gave its stand on the whole issue after evaluating the report submitted by MEEEI about the theft. According to the OCR, MEEI did not comply with the ethical principle that advocates for protection of individuals’ privacy and respect for individuals’ dignity. This is because it failed to store patients’ and research subjects’ information in an encrypted version. The fact that the laptop contained patients’ and research subjects’ information that had not been discretely coded in a manner that could not be understood by unauthorized persons justifies this. Therefore, anyone accessing the stolen laptop was able to view this information thus publicly exposing the clinical details of the concerned individuals. According to the ethical principle on privacy, individual identifiable health information should be protected from unauthorized persons. In the case mentioned in the referred article, this does not seem to be the case since information had been stored in raw form. This shows that the ethical principle of privacy and confidentiality was not observed (U. S. Department of Health Human Services, 2012a). MEEI failed to ensure that security was well maintained in the organization in correspondence to HIPAA security rule. Therefore, there was a breach of this legal law that sets standards to govern the security of ePHI. MEEI failed to meet the requirements that seek to protect the privacy and security of identifiable health information. MEEI had deliberately ignored the essentials of HIPAA security rule because negligence was found to have occurred over a relatively long duration of time. This indicates a disregard for the law, which requires a very punitive action. The management responsibilities are vital in ensuring that the HIPAA privacy and security rule is attained and maintained. The management team at MEEI should have complied with the HIPAA privacy and security ru le with regard to certain elements that need to be kept in check. One responsibility is that the management ought to have made a thorough risk analysis of the confidentiality of the information contained in the laptop (a portable device).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Patient privacy, Confidentiality (HIPAA) specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to the HIPAA security law, the administration is meant to conduct risk analysis in the security management process. Risk analysis is related to disaster preparedness and mitigation hence the need to evaluate the possibility of putting ePHI at risk (U. S. Department of Health Human Services, 2012b). The security management process entails various steps and one step may affect subsequent steps. Due to the failure of performing a thorough risk analysis, MEEI was not able to implement effective security measures aimed at protecting its ePHI contained in portable devi ces. Therefore, a second management role that streams down from the first role is implementation of effective security measures meant to safeguard created, maintained and transmitted ePHI stored in portable devices. One such measure is to store ePHI in files that are not easily recognizable and which require passwords for them to open. The third management responsibility that was overlooked is developing or delegating someone to develop and implement policies and procedures that restrict access to ePHI. These are meant to ensure that accessibility to ePHI is only permissible to authorized health personnel. One such policy would be to ensure that ePHI is ciphered in a way that is only understood by authorized health professionals, whose main aim is to promote justice and beneficence of the patients and research subjects. The final management responsibility with reference the case in question is the adoption and implementation of policies and procedures that govern security to ensure timely response. These policies are meant to address any issue related to security through conducting periodic assessments of the security system in reference to the HIPAA security rule. Non-compliance to the privacy and security rule calls for legal action taken to administer and reinforce the standards under this rule. Therefore, violation of the HIPAA privacy and security rule as indicated by the Department of Health and Human Services OCR was resolved through payment of $1.5M by MEEI. In addition, the organization made a commitment to improve its policies and procedures to ensure that the HIPAA privacy and security rule is achieved and well maintained. In the current contemporary world where everything is electronic, information is stored in computers. However, protection of information is very important especially in the case of portable devices since they are likely to be used by various persons. In a health setting, privacy and confidentiality of patients’ information is very important to avoid inflicting harm or injury on them. Therefore, abiding by the HIPAA privacy and security rule is not an option, but a mandatory requirement.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Healthcare Provider to Pay $1.5M HIPAA Fine. (2012, September 20). Campus Safety Magazine. Web. Thacker, S. B. (2003). HIPAA Privacy Rule and Public Health: Guidance from CDC and the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. Web. U. S. Department of Health Human Services. (2012a). Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Web. U. S. Department of Health Human Services. (2012b). Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule. Web. This essay on Patient privacy, Confidentiality (HIPAA) was written and submitted by user Sean Whitaker to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.